08 May 2016

My Beginners Guide to Casual Hearthstone

As my current addiction, Hearthstone has been a fun distraction that fits well with my casual game play. Therefore, I want to spread my knowledge of how to maximize your gold for time spent.

Here are the guidelines that I try to follow:
  • Quests:
    • Login everyday to get your new quest (so you can see if you want to replace it)
    • Make sure you have an empty quest spot at the start of the day (midnight server time)
    • Replace all 40 gold requests, unless you need to complete a quest to get under 3
    • Replace 50 gold quests you dislike, and keep ones you like
    • Never replace a 60 or 100 gold quest
  • Win a Tavern Brawl every week (free classic pack)
  • Don't play wild games (unless you have the cards), as standard will be easier
  • Try to only buy classic or the most recent packs (as this will maximize the length of time you can use the cards)
  • Use sites such as icy-veins.com to help you craft decks

Quests Analysis

Here is the math behind my quest guidlines.

36 Total Quest Possibilities:
  • 15 worth 40 Gold:
    • 9 - Win 2 games with or
    • Win 3 games with any class
    • Deal 100 damage to the enemy hero
    • Destroy 40 minions
    • Play 40 spells
    • Play 30 minions that cost 2 or less
    • Play 20 minions that cost 5 or more
  • 9 worth 50 Gold:
    • 9 - Win 3 games with
  • 10 worth 60 Gold:
    • 9 - Win 5 games with or
    • Win 5 Tavern Brawls
  • 1 worth 100 Gold - Win 7 games with any class
  • 1 worth 1 Classic Pack - Watch a friend win a game
For simplicity's sake, I value the 1 classic pack at 100 gold. This means that given an equal chance to get any quest, that you have a 46.66% chance to get a 40 gold quest, 10% chance to get a 50 gold quest, 41.11% chance to get a 60 gold quest, and finally a 2.22% chance to get a 100 gold quest. Sum these up and you get an average quest value of 51.38 gold. If you replace the 40 gold quests, you will have the average quest value of 56.13. If you replace the 40 gold and 50 gold quests, you will have the average quest value of 56.48.

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