12 April 2013

Folding on a HD 7850

I have been folding for years, but I just recently found out that adding a couple configuration options have doubled my PPD on my HD7850.

Enable Core17 beta units. Add the two following gpu extra slot options:
  1.  First
    •  Name: client-type
    •  Value: beta
  2. Second
    • Name: extra-core-args
    • Value: -gpu-vendor=ati

I found out about the options on this forum post: http://www.overclock.net/t/1367557/core-17-beta-wu

This took my HD7850 from 6-7k PPD to 12-13k PPD!

This is using the 12.8 drivers. I am letting it stabilize before trying 13.3 Beta drivers, because I had problems folding on 13.1 drivers. I will update this post when I try the new drivers.

4/20/2013 Update: I installed the 13.3 Beta 3 drivers (including the new APP SDK) and my cpu usage went from ~25% to ~2%. I am also seeing about a 40 second reduction in TPF resulting in about 3k more PPD. I have also seen some Bad work units that lower my PPD.

5/3/2013 Update: Folding has put the beta units back into a closed beta and I am only seeing Core16 units. So to maximize my PPD, I have gone back to 12.8 drivers and AMD APP SDK 2.7.

  • Disable Folding and make sure it does not restart automatically on reboot
  • Download 64bit DRIVERS or 32bit DRIVERS 
  • Download APP SDK 2.7
  • Uninstall all AMD software/drivers using control panel
  • Reboot
  • Use Driver Fusion to remove all remnants of the AMD drivers
  • Reboot
  • Install drivers using custom install and uncheck AMD APP SDK runtime
  • Install AMD APP SDK
  • Reboot
  • Restart Folding
5/7/2013 Update: They have released the Core17 work units again and now I am getting 18-20K PPD with them now.

6/14/2013 Update: With the release of the 8900 work units, I have moved to the 13.4 drivers and am now getting 28-30K PPD now.