11 March 2013

Darksiders and Thrustmaster Dual Power

So when trying to use my Thrustmaster Dual Power with Darksiders in Steam, it would just spin me in a circle.

After some googling I found XBOX 360 Controller Emulator.

I simply downloaded the App from: http://code.google.com/p/x360ce/downloads/list

I placed it in the Apps directory: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Darksiders\"

Run it and it will ask you if it should create:
  1. xinput1_3.dll
  2. x360ce.ini
Allow it to create both.

I use the following configuration:
  • Left
    • Trigger: Button 6
    • Bumper: Button 5
    • Back: Button 9
    • Start: Button 10
    • D-Pad: DPad 1
    • Stick Axis X: Axis 1
    • Stick Axis Y: Inverted Axis 2
    • Stick Button: Button 11
  • Right
    • Trigger: Button 8
    • Bumper: Button 7
    • Y Button: Button 4
    • X Button: Button 2
    • B Button: Button 3
    • A Button: Button 1
    • Stick Axis X: Axis 6
    • Stick Axis Y: Inverted Slider1
    • Stick Button: Button 13

If it says that it cannot find msvcp110.dll, download and install the trial: http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/eng/downloads

Windows 8 ABIT IP35 Pro

When installing Windows 8 64bit on my IP35 Pro, everything worked out of the box except raid monitoring and I wanted the sound software. However, since ABIT is now out of business, I had to find them on the vendors website.

Intel Matrix Storage Console:
Realtek Sound Driver:
  • Realtek - 64bit Vista, Windows7, Windows8 Driver only (Executable file)

Hope this helps someone out there looking for it.

Update 2016-06-28:

Apparently Windows 8.1 update broke the Intel Raid utility. I was getting the following errors when trying to use it:
The Raid Plug in failed to load because the driver is not installed correctly
The serial ATA plug-in failed to load because the driver is not installed correctly
The solution was to simply install the updated utility. Intel