14 February 2018

Marvel Future Fight: 16 week update

This is my 16 week update.

Since my last update, version 3.7.0 had an update bringing new character Luna Snow. However, I was not even able to get her to 3* due to bad luck on the rng of farming her bios.

Also version 3.8.0 was released bring new characters Killmonger (bio sub), Klaue, and Shuri. It also had 3 new uniforms (Black Panther, Killmonger, and Shuri). I am using all my bio selectors on Shuri and should hopefully get her to 6* soon.

Alliance hit level 24 granting the extra Skill Cooldown, which has helped. I was also forunate enough to get a CTP of Transcendence, which I put on Spider-Man to help in ABX and Timeline battle.


  • Dr Strange: Quest complete
  • Wolverine: Quest complete
  • World Boss:
    • Can clear Quicksilver with 5 different teams
  • Shadowlands: Clearing 15 floors
  • Alliance Battle:
    • Can clear normal mode on all days
  • Co-Op:
    • Stage 4
  • ABX:
    • Combat Villian: ~15k
    • None: >100k
    • Universal Hero: ~50k
    • Combat Hero: ~50k
    • Blast Male ABX: ~50k
    • Universal Villian: ~75k
    • Speed Hero: ~50k
  • Timeline Battle:
    • Platinum
    • Sharon Rodgers, Spider-Man, and Thor (with anti-web custom gear)
    • Have problems with Quicksilver and Wolverine (with damage immunity)


Lvl 60 and Tier 2:

  • Sharon Rodgers
  • Iron Fist
  • Spider-Man
  • Thor
  • Wolverine
  • Dr Strange (still needs gear upgrades)
  • Elsa
  • Captain America (materials)
  • Black Bolt (materials)
  • Moon Knight
Ready for Tier 2:
  • Hulk
  • Loki
  • Magneto (will use materials)
  • Gwenpool
  • Kate Bishop
  • Rogue (will use materials)
  • Sandman
  • Ironman (will use materials)
  • Black Panther (just need to max some skills)
  • Sharon Rodgers: Starlight - Heroic
  • Iron Fist: Marvel - Rare
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming - Heroic
  • Thor: Ragnarok - Legendary
  • Loki: Ragnarok - Heroic
  • Hulk: Ragnarok - Rare
  • Hela: Ragnarok - Rare
  • Dr Strange: Marvel - Advanced
  • Elsa: Monsters - Legendary
  • Venom: Anti - Normal


Below are my results from my last 2 Shadowland runs.

    + means T2
    - means 6*, but less than lvl 17 gears

FloorTypeEnemyBoosted TypeChar
1RelayIronmanSpeedWinter Soldier-, Gwenpool, Black Widow
2RumblePunisherBlastCrystal, Ironman, Storm-
3RelaySif/White TigerFemaleElsa+
5RumbleLashVillianHela, Baron, Yellowjacket
6RelayIronmanSpeedKate Bishop, Rogue, Quake
7RumbleBlack WidowCombatCaptain America+, Carnage-, Punisher(5*)
8RelaySif/White TigerFemaleSharon Rodgers+
10RumblePunisherBlastAncient One, Dr Strange(5*), Wiccan-
11RelayWinter SoldierMaleThor+
12BossRocketJarIron Fist+
13RelayModokVilliansRonan-, Loki, Vulture(4*)
14RumbleBlack WidowCombatVenom, Sandman, Moon Knight-
15EntrySharon Rodgers/HawkeyeN/ABeast, Wolverine, Cyclops (5*)

FloorTypeEnemyBoosted TypeChar
1RelayIronmanSpeedWinter Soldier-, Gwenpool, Black Widow
2RumblePunisherBlastCrystal, Ironman, Storm-
3RelayRonanUniversalBlack Bolt+
5RumblePunisherBlastDr Strange
6RelaySpider-ManCombatBlack Panther, Moon Knight, Captain America+
7RumbleBlack WidowCombatSandman, Venom, Groot
8RelaySif/White TigerFemaleElsa+
10RumblePunisherBlastAncient One, Wiccan-, Cyclops (5*)
11RelaySif/White TigerFemaleSharon Rodgers+
13RelayHulkVilliansRonan-, Loki, Quake-
14RumbleBlack WidowCombatIron Fist+, Carnage-, Punisher-
15EntrySharon Rodgers/HawkeyeHeroBeast-, Wolverine, Magneto-