19 September 2012

Root and ROM Verizon Droid X 4.5.621

Here is my compilation of how to root and rom on a Verizon Droid X 4.5.621

Disclaimer: I am not liable for any damage done to your device and always backup before beginning.

  1. Download the iso from:
  2. Recommended: run a md5sum on the iso
  3. Use Unetbootin to write it to a blank USB drive/CD
  4. Boot from this new USB drive/CD
  5. Follow on screen instructions
  6. Congratulations you are now rooted! You should see a new super-user app.
  7. Install Titanium Backup from Google Play
  8. Run Titanium Backup, it will fix your root permission

  1. Install Droid 2 Recovery Bootstrap
  2. Open it and have it Bootstrap your phone
  3. Install Clockwork Mod Recovery
  4. Open it and have it install CWM
  5. Choose Phone:
    • Droid X for installing Blur based ROMs
    • Droid X (2nd Init) for installing CyanogenMod style ROMs
  6. Have it backup your phone
  7. Install your favorite ROM; Here is a list of many of them:

Other thoughts:
  • As of this writing, CM7 does not install with the 5.X CWM
  • How to reboot into recovery:
    • Open up Clockwork Mod Recovery click "reboot into recovery"
    • Power Off Phone -> Hold in Camera Key -> Press Power until Phone starts booting -> Release camera key after 5 seconds