19 January 2018

Marvel Future Fight: 12 week update

This is my 12 week update.

Since my last update, version 3.7.0 was released bringing new characters X-23 and Adam Warlock. It also had new uniforms for Satana, Falcon, and Punisher.

I am holding onto my Tier 2 ticket for a couple days until I can max out Elsa's gears. My other option would be Hulk or Loki, but both can already clear World Bosses and a Shadowland floor I feel that it would be better used on another character.


  • Dr Strange: Farming Satana Bios (will use 5* rank up ticket on her, saving 4* ticket for Clea)
  • Wolverine: Quest complete
  • World Boss:
    • Unlocked Quicksilver
    • Recruited Quicksilver and all of the Black Order including Thanos
  • Shadowlands: Clearing 10 floors
  • Alliance Battle:
    • Can clear normal mode on all days except speed
    • ABX:
      • Combat Villian: ~15k
      • None: >100k
      • Universal Hero: ~25k
      • Combat Hero: N/A
      • Blast Male ABX: ~25k
      • Universal Villian: ~25k
      • Speed Hero: ~25k


Lvl 60 and Tier 2:
  • Sharon Rodgers
  • Iron Fist
  • Spider-Man
  • Thor
  • Wolverine (still needs gear and skill upgrades)
Ready for Tier 2:

  • Hulk
  • Loki
  • Captain America (will use materials)


Crafted my first mythic card (Marvel Zombies), which was a nice upgrade. Will be going for a mythic Loki next and hope to get some more attack stats. I am still looking for a Groot or Star Lord 4/5 star upgrade as well. However, rolling the SCD has been challenging.
RankQualityNameFirst StatSecondThirdFourthFifthSixth
★★★★4Avengers #318Max HP 7%Ignore Def 7%All Attack 5.1%SCD 5.4%
★★★★4Groot #5Crit Dmg 7%Ignore Def 7%Max HP 5.1%SCD 5.4%
★★★★4Star Lord #2Ignore Defense 7%Crit Rate 7%Dodge 5.1%SCD 5.4%
★★★★★6Loki #17All Attack 9%SCD 9%Mind Resist 5.1%All Def 5.4%Activation
5% crit attack +20% Physical Attack
★★★★★★4Marvel Zombies #2Dodge 9%SCD 9%Crit Dmg 5.1%Attack Speed 5.4%Energy Def 5.7%Crit Rate 6%