17 September 2013

LG 32LN5310 Review

Over Labor Day weekend, I purchased the LG 32LN5310 from Best Buy for $259.99 +tax. Here is my review of it.

  - Assembly of the base was easy
  - Good auto channel detection
  - Seems to use Direct LED back-lighting instead of edge-lit
  - 1080p
  - Excellent viewing angles
  - Has an Optical Audio out

  - Eco mode seems to be too dark and I can't seem to find a way to increase the backlighting without going to normal mode since it is automatic
  - Does not appear to support HDMI 1.4 and Audio Return Channel

Other Thoughts:
  - Does not support local dimming and 3D, but at this price point not to be expected
  - Switching the tv from Eco to Normal mode and adjusting the brightness down gives an excellent picture
  - I know that 1080p at this tv size does not make any difference, but at the same price it certainly doesn't hurt :-)
  - This is the perfect size for a bedroom (or small living room)
  - I cannot find the tv on LG's website, but the best theory I have found is that it is just a rebranding of the 32LN5300 to be a Best Buy exclusive.