30 September 2016

Lenovo Yoga 700 Review

This is a review for the Lenovo Yoga 700 11.6 inch model 80QE0044US.

Just a little background, I decided to buy this over the newer 710 for several reasons:
  • Lower price: the 700 was on clearance
  • More USB ports: 2 vs 1 (later I found out that the DC power port is also a USB 2.0 port making it 3 vs 2)
  • Built-In SD Card reader
Key Specs:
  • Intel Core m3 6Y30
  • 8GB Ram
  • 128GB SSD
  • 11.6 inch touch screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Windows 10 Home

  • Ultra-Portable size
  • Boots in less than 10 seconds
  • Loads apps in seconds
  • Gorgeous Full HD IPS screen
  • SSD and fanless design makes it completely silent (0 moving parts)
  • m3 processor is power efficient allowing for hours of web browsing
  • SDXC card reader (also reads standard SD and SDHC, as well as MMC)
  • Micro-HDMI output (1.4a up to 1080p)
  • Dual Band WiFi that supports 802.11ac

Middle of the road:
  • 3 USB ports (1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, 1 USB 2.0/DC power port)
  • Touchpad buttons makes a loud click when depressed
  • Keyboard does not have a backlight for typing in dark areas
  • With not much installed the SSD only has ~40GB left, so you may wish to spend a little more and get the bigger drive
  • Relative to the size of the computer the touchpad is a good size

  • No Bluetooth
  • Short ~6ft Power Cord (about the same length as the Apple MagSafe with the AC Plug not AC Cord)
  • No divider on the touchpad to indicate where the buttons are, therefore you may think you are clicking when you are not

Other Thoughts:
  • Initially had issues with Windows Store and its apps not working, but that was fixed with the latest Windows update
  • CPU intensive tasks will take longer than the same generation i5
  • Similar model 80QE000NUS has the following upgrades for roughly an additional $75:
    • m5 6Y54
    • 256GB SSD
    • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Haven't really used in tablet or tent mode yet, will update review if necessary