25 December 2013

Windows CD Rip to MP3

Windows CD Rip to MP3

As I bought my first cd in a long time thanks to Pandora :-) I needed to get some software to create MP3s out of it so that I could transfer them to my phone and audio players. iTunes would have been the obvious choice, but I do not use that so here is what I used.

I chose Exact Audio Copy: http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/
I also needed to download LAME from here: http://www.rarewares.org/mp3-lame-bundle.php

It worked like a charm.

23 December 2013

Review Sony Blu Ray Player BDP-BX110

Review of Sony Blu Ray Player BDP-BX110

Here is my review of the Sony Blu Ray Player BDP-BX110. The only difference between this model and the BDP-S1100 is the inclusion of a HDMI cable. Also similiar are the BDP-BX310 and BDP-S3100 which include Wi-Fi and the BDP-BX510 and BDP-S5100 which include 3D playback.

  • I got it for $40 refurbished from Newegg (about the price of a new DVD player)
  • DVD playback is very quick to start
  • Blu Ray playback takes longer to start, but is still fairly fast
  • Internet apps include: Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and Hulu Plus (among others)
  • Amazon Instant Video works well (don't have Netflix or Hulu Plus account to try) and is easy to navigate on the TV using the remote
  • Nice looking small enclosure
  • Only the power button lights up in a non-obtrusive white 

  • Ethernet Only. I really wish I shelled out more cash for the Wi-Fi version ($78 on Amazon new)
  • Had to sign up for a Bravia account to use Amazon Instant Video - however, it easily allows you to sign up for a free account right through the Blu Ray player
  • Battery door on remote squeaks when pressing buttons for me (my wife does not have this problem)
  • Remote is not universal, but can turn on the TV and adjust the volume, it just does not allow you to scroll up and down through the channels

Other Thoughts:
  • Includes a quick start mode that increases the start up speed, but requires more power when "off" (I do not use this mode)
  • Did have to apply approximately 100MB of updates before the internet apps would work