21 May 2011

Repairing Cambridge Soundworks DTT2500

I have been having problems with my Cambridge Soundworks DTT2500. Basically some of the speakers would not work at different volume levels, but it was different speakers at each different volume level. Also the subwoofer would not work at any level. The speakers also made a scratchy noise when using the master volume knob.

I thought it was hopeless until I read this article: http://blog.chadlindstrom.ca/archives/2010/09/dtt2500-repaired It gave me hope that my tuner could be salvaged and that I didn't need to buy new PC speakers.

I then followed these steps to repair it:

  1. Went to Radio Shack and bought some TV Tuner Cleaner and Lubricant

  2. Disconnnected the tuner from the speakers and power

  3. Removed the feet from the bottom and unscrewed the 4 screws hidden there.

  4. Removed the top and bottom pieces of plastic.

  5. From the bottom, removed the 4 screws that attach the top circuit board to the bottom.

  6. Carefully, pulled the top board up and away from the bottom board.

  7. Just to be safe, removed the 4 screws and pulled the LEDs out. This is optional.

  8. Carefully sprayed in each of the holes of the knobs and moved each one from lowest setting to highest setting several times. Warning: You may want to wear glasses or some sort of eye protection during this step as the cleaner is under high pressure and the spray may blow back into your face.

  9. Reassembled the tuner.

  10. Important: Left it sitting overnight to ensure that it dried completely.

  11. Hooked it back up and gave it a test and much to my pleasant surprise, it worked! My tuner volume and speaker issues were solved!