20 December 2014

Blank Kodi/XBMC MythTV channel icons

When mapping channel icons in my MythTV, they were showing up as blank! After some research, I determined this is the result from the removal of absolute paths from icon path in MythTV. Fixing this is a simple 2 step process.

  1. Create a new storage group in MythTV called "ChannelIcons" and map it to the directory with all the icons, Typically: /home/mythtv/.mythtv/channels
  2. Delete the cached empty icons off XBMC. On the firetv, they were located here: /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/.xbmc/userdata/addon_data/pvr.mythtv.cmyth/cache/channels
I used adb to remove the files:
adb kill-server
adb connect 192.168.1.XXX
adb shell
cd /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/.xbmc/userdata/addon_data/pvr.mythtv.cmyth/cache/channels
rm *.jpg *.png

Software versions:
Ubuntu 14.04
MythTV 0.27
XBMC Kodi 14 release candidate


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  2. I just want to inform that the directory structure has changed if you downloaded and installed the latest version of kodi (14.2). It's now.