20 December 2014

Amazon Fire TV as a XBMC MythTV Frontend

Amazon FireTV + XBMC + MythTV

I am quite pleased with using the Amazon FireTV as my MythTV Frontend using Kodi(was XMBC) and the myth plugin. Here are my overall views on the FireTV.

  • Wireless Streaming works well across the 5GHz band (YMMV)
  • Quad Core in Fire TV can decode MPEG2 video without a stutter
  • One streaming box to do Amazon Prime, Netflix, and MythTV
  • HDMI CEC can turn on the TV
  • Amazon Prime streaming starts instantly

  • XBMC 14 release candidate seems to be unstable on the box, changing recordings causes it to crash
  • Cannot launch XBMC from the Fire TV home screen (must used buried application menu or FiredTV launcher that works most of the time)
  • No power-off function (must wait for it to time-out)

Other Thoughts/TBD:
  • PLEX works well with streaming CBS and CW shows as well as many others

  1. Download Kodi and FiredTV
  2. Enable ADB on Fire TV
    1. Settings
    2. Developer Options
    3. ADB -> On
  3. Determine IP Address of Fire TV
    1. Settings
    2. About
    3. Network
  4. Install ADB on your computer
    • apt-get install android-tools-adb
  5. Start the adb connection
    1. adb kill-server
    2. adb connect <ip-address>
  6. Install the 2 apks
    1. adb install path/kodi.apk
    2. adb install path/firedtv.apk

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