06 March 2018

Sony Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi BDPS3700

As my BDP-BX110 was showing a black screen about a third to half the times a blu-ray was started and with the great black friday deals, I decided it was time to replace it. The question was with what model. I looked at several standard blu-ray players in the $50 range and 4k blu-ray players in $150 range. Considering the price difference of the players and the fact that 4k blu-rays cost more, those players were quickly eliminated. After looking at the online reviews from other users, I decided to go with the Sony BDPS3700.

TLDR: 4/5 stars


  • Small size and design
  • Remote can turn on TV
  • HDMI-CEC can control player
  • Includes Netflix and Amazon Prime Video


  • Occasional noise of spinning disc
  • Sometime takes a while to recognize there is a disc in
  • Brick style transformer plug


I was was happily surprised by the fact that this player is smaller than my old one. The player is only about 9 inches wide, 1.5 inches tall, and 7.5 inches deep. I am also pleased that it has a flat top which makes it better for putting the dvd case on top of the player.
However, I was disappointed to find that it now uses a rather large transformer style plug, but at least the wire detaches from the back of the player to allow for cable routing.
The fact that the entire front plate aside from the buttons drops down when the dvd tray pops out is a cool factor. The only thing that would have been slicker would be if it was a slot loading.


The remote has shrunk quite a bit and the buttons feel a little bit crammed, but at least they fixed the creaking battery cover from the BX110.
BDPS3700 remote on left; BX100 remote on right


The wi-fi setup was fast and straight forward. The connection is strong, but I also keep it near the router :-)


Occasionally, the player makes a large amount of noise when spinning DVDs. It sounds like the disc is not quite balanced. I have not been able to pinpoint the cause. If I find more information, I will update the post.

14 February 2018

Marvel Future Fight: 16 week update

This is my 16 week update.

Since my last update, version 3.7.0 had an update bringing new character Luna Snow. However, I was not even able to get her to 3* due to bad luck on the rng of farming her bios.

Also version 3.8.0 was released bring new characters Killmonger (bio sub), Klaue, and Shuri. It also had 3 new uniforms (Black Panther, Killmonger, and Shuri). I am using all my bio selectors on Shuri and should hopefully get her to 6* soon.

Alliance hit level 24 granting the extra Skill Cooldown, which has helped. I was also forunate enough to get a CTP of Transcendence, which I put on Spider-Man to help in ABX and Timeline battle.


  • Dr Strange: Quest complete
  • Wolverine: Quest complete
  • World Boss:
    • Can clear Quicksilver with 5 different teams
  • Shadowlands: Clearing 15 floors
  • Alliance Battle:
    • Can clear normal mode on all days
  • Co-Op:
    • Stage 4
  • ABX:
    • Combat Villian: ~15k
    • None: >100k
    • Universal Hero: ~50k
    • Combat Hero: ~50k
    • Blast Male ABX: ~50k
    • Universal Villian: ~75k
    • Speed Hero: ~50k
  • Timeline Battle:
    • Platinum
    • Sharon Rodgers, Spider-Man, and Thor (with anti-web custom gear)
    • Have problems with Quicksilver and Wolverine (with damage immunity)


Lvl 60 and Tier 2:

  • Sharon Rodgers
  • Iron Fist
  • Spider-Man
  • Thor
  • Wolverine
  • Dr Strange (still needs gear upgrades)
  • Elsa
  • Captain America (materials)
  • Black Bolt (materials)
  • Moon Knight
Ready for Tier 2:
  • Hulk
  • Loki
  • Magneto (will use materials)
  • Gwenpool
  • Kate Bishop
  • Rogue (will use materials)
  • Sandman
  • Ironman (will use materials)
  • Black Panther (just need to max some skills)
  • Sharon Rodgers: Starlight - Heroic
  • Iron Fist: Marvel - Rare
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming - Heroic
  • Thor: Ragnarok - Legendary
  • Loki: Ragnarok - Heroic
  • Hulk: Ragnarok - Rare
  • Hela: Ragnarok - Rare
  • Dr Strange: Marvel - Advanced
  • Elsa: Monsters - Legendary
  • Venom: Anti - Normal


Below are my results from my last 2 Shadowland runs.

    + means T2
    - means 6*, but less than lvl 17 gears

FloorTypeEnemyBoosted TypeChar
1RelayIronmanSpeedWinter Soldier-, Gwenpool, Black Widow
2RumblePunisherBlastCrystal, Ironman, Storm-
3RelaySif/White TigerFemaleElsa+
5RumbleLashVillianHela, Baron, Yellowjacket
6RelayIronmanSpeedKate Bishop, Rogue, Quake
7RumbleBlack WidowCombatCaptain America+, Carnage-, Punisher(5*)
8RelaySif/White TigerFemaleSharon Rodgers+
10RumblePunisherBlastAncient One, Dr Strange(5*), Wiccan-
11RelayWinter SoldierMaleThor+
12BossRocketJarIron Fist+
13RelayModokVilliansRonan-, Loki, Vulture(4*)
14RumbleBlack WidowCombatVenom, Sandman, Moon Knight-
15EntrySharon Rodgers/HawkeyeN/ABeast, Wolverine, Cyclops (5*)

FloorTypeEnemyBoosted TypeChar
1RelayIronmanSpeedWinter Soldier-, Gwenpool, Black Widow
2RumblePunisherBlastCrystal, Ironman, Storm-
3RelayRonanUniversalBlack Bolt+
5RumblePunisherBlastDr Strange
6RelaySpider-ManCombatBlack Panther, Moon Knight, Captain America+
7RumbleBlack WidowCombatSandman, Venom, Groot
8RelaySif/White TigerFemaleElsa+
10RumblePunisherBlastAncient One, Wiccan-, Cyclops (5*)
11RelaySif/White TigerFemaleSharon Rodgers+
13RelayHulkVilliansRonan-, Loki, Quake-
14RumbleBlack WidowCombatIron Fist+, Carnage-, Punisher-
15EntrySharon Rodgers/HawkeyeHeroBeast-, Wolverine, Magneto-

19 January 2018

Marvel Future Fight: 12 week update

This is my 12 week update.

Since my last update, version 3.7.0 was released bringing new characters X-23 and Adam Warlock. It also had new uniforms for Satana, Falcon, and Punisher.

I am holding onto my Tier 2 ticket for a couple days until I can max out Elsa's gears. My other option would be Hulk or Loki, but both can already clear World Bosses and a Shadowland floor I feel that it would be better used on another character.


  • Dr Strange: Farming Satana Bios (will use 5* rank up ticket on her, saving 4* ticket for Clea)
  • Wolverine: Quest complete
  • World Boss:
    • Unlocked Quicksilver
    • Recruited Quicksilver and all of the Black Order including Thanos
  • Shadowlands: Clearing 10 floors
  • Alliance Battle:
    • Can clear normal mode on all days except speed
    • ABX:
      • Combat Villian: ~15k
      • None: >100k
      • Universal Hero: ~25k
      • Combat Hero: N/A
      • Blast Male ABX: ~25k
      • Universal Villian: ~25k
      • Speed Hero: ~25k


Lvl 60 and Tier 2:
  • Sharon Rodgers
  • Iron Fist
  • Spider-Man
  • Thor
  • Wolverine (still needs gear and skill upgrades)
Ready for Tier 2:

  • Hulk
  • Loki
  • Captain America (will use materials)


Crafted my first mythic card (Marvel Zombies), which was a nice upgrade. Will be going for a mythic Loki next and hope to get some more attack stats. I am still looking for a Groot or Star Lord 4/5 star upgrade as well. However, rolling the SCD has been challenging.
RankQualityNameFirst StatSecondThirdFourthFifthSixth
★★★★4Avengers #318Max HP 7%Ignore Def 7%All Attack 5.1%SCD 5.4%
★★★★4Groot #5Crit Dmg 7%Ignore Def 7%Max HP 5.1%SCD 5.4%
★★★★4Star Lord #2Ignore Defense 7%Crit Rate 7%Dodge 5.1%SCD 5.4%
★★★★★6Loki #17All Attack 9%SCD 9%Mind Resist 5.1%All Def 5.4%Activation
5% crit attack +20% Physical Attack
★★★★★★4Marvel Zombies #2Dodge 9%SCD 9%Crit Dmg 5.1%Attack Speed 5.4%Energy Def 5.7%Crit Rate 6%

27 December 2017

Marvel Future Fight: A beginners view

I have been playing the mobile game Marvel Future Fight for the last 2 months and wanted to share my impressions and knowledge. It plays very fluidly on my LG G5 with the Snapdragon 820. The game has lots of depth and different play modes.


After 58 days of playing, I was finally able to clear 5/5 World Bosses, which prompted me to write this blog post. I have 15 x 6★ and 3 Tier 2s.

My Roster is:
TeamCharacterTier 2Rank/MasteryGearUniformRole
1Ancient One★★★★★★15NoneLead
1Sharon Rodgers★★★★★★20Starlight (Rare)DPS
2Iron Fist★★★★★★20Iron Fist (Rare)Lead/DPS
2Black Widow☆☆☆☆☆☆12NoneFill
3Hulk★★★★★★19Ragnarok (Normal)Lead/DPS
3Captain America★★★★☆☆20Age of Ultron (Normal)DPS
4Ironman★★★☆☆☆9Age of Ultron (Normal)Lead
4Loki☆☆☆☆☆☆19Ragnarok (Normal)DPS
4Kate Bishop☆☆☆☆☆☆5NoneFill
5Spider-Man★★★★★★20Homecoming (Normal)Lead/DPS
5Thor☆☆☆☆☆☆20Ragnarok (Rare)DPS
5Black Bolt☆☆☆☆☆☆15NoneFill

Here is who each team took out
1: Thanos
2: Ebony Maw
3: Proxima
4: Black Dwarf
5: Proxima

My cards are nothing special, but my cards plus level 21 alliance give me 43.2% skill cooldown reduction (SCD), which means that I am slightly below the 50% cap after most characters gears. Ideally, I would like this capped on all characters.

RankQualityNameFirst StatSecondThirdFourthFifth
★★★★4Avengers #318Max HP 7%Ignore Def 7%All Attack 5.1%SCD 5.4%
★★★★4Groot #5Crit Dmg 7%Ignore Def 7%Max HP 5.1%SCD 5.4%
★★★★4Star Lord #2Ignore Defense 7%Crit Rate 7%Dodge 5.1%SCD 5.4%
★★★★★6Loki #17All Attack 9%SCD 9%Mind Resist 5.1%All Def 5.4%Activation
5% crit attack +20% Physical Attack
★★★★★4Marvel Zombies #2Dodge 8%SCD 8%Poison Resist 5.1%Ignore Def 5.4%Energy Def 5.7%


Here are my tips for a newly starting player:
  1. Sharon Rodgers should be your main. Get her to T2 and get her uniform. Focus on her as she can clear lots of content quite easily.
  2. Start the "Hero's Journey" as soon as possible. There is no longer a "Journey of Growth"
  3. Start both Epic Quests as soon as possible. Save your Norn Stones and other materials for completing the quests.
  4. Get Sharon a good leader to really boost her damage to help you clear additional content. Ancient One and Starlord are 2 good options. You can also use Sharon Carter as support to get ~5% SCD if you are lacking there.
  5. Loki can solo Black Dwarf at T1. I use Ironman as lead to cap his SCD. Just keep your barrier up, stay out of trouble, and keep dropping your clones.
  6. If you get a card with SCD, I would equip it and then work on replacing it with one with better stats later. My top 4 cards are farmable from dimension rifts and can all get SCD.
  7. Get in an Alliance. The skill cooldown is a great boost, and you gain access to additional content like Alliance Battle that can get you some Norn stones and Bios.
  8. SHIELD Lab: Start upgrading the buildings as you have extra gold. Use gold to buy Norn Stones and Dimension debris and maybe some gear kits as you need them.
  9. Buy the "Stark's Stash" for $3.49. You will get VIP Level 1 for doing this. It will over double the gold you can earn from Co-Op play and have your dimension rifts drop more dimension debris.
  10. Run Co-Op play on Quick match, you should get a minimum of 20% for each character you use and don't have to worry about getting kicked by the leader
  11. Increasing the number of 4★ Level 40 characters you own will increase the quality of rewards you can earn in Co-Op. However, it also increases their cost.
    • Stage 1: Don't Remember (Costs 2? clear tickets each for rewards 2-5)
    • Stage 2: ~160k gold (Costs 4? clear tickets each for rewards 2-5)
    • Stage 3: ~240k gold (Costs 8 clear tickets each for rewards 2-5)
    • Stage 4: ~315k gold (Costs 12 clear tickets each for rewards 2-5)
    • Stage 5: ~400k gold (Costs 14 clear tickets each for rewards 2-5)
    • Stage 6: ? gold (Costs 16? clear tickets each for rewards 2-5)


Below are some good links that I used

Beginners Guides

Misc Knowledge

Caps: https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/152644-marvel-future-fight/74008921
Cooldown - 50%
Dodge/Crit rate - 75%
Recovery - 250%
Crit damage - 200%
Movement/Attack speed - 130%
Defense penetration - ??

Character Guides

03 August 2017

Installing Google Cloud Print Connector in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

As I wanted to be able to print from my phone, I thought the easiest way would be to install Google Cloud Print. Here are the various attempts that I made.

Attempt 1: apt-get

My first attempt was to simply run:
  • sudo apt-get install cloudprint
However, when running it and giving it your user/application pass, it fails with this message:
  • UnboundLocalError: local variable 'auth_response' referenced before assignment
I believe it is because it (v0.5) is trying to hit an api/url that no longer exists.


  • sudo apt-get remove cloudprint

Attempt 2: Compile with gccgo

I then found this wiki about installing a newer version: https://github.com/google/cloud-print-connector/wiki/Build-from-source

So I then installed:
  • go: sudo apt-get install gccgo-go 
  • dev packages: sudo apt-get install build-essential libcups2-dev libavahi-client-dev git bzr
Set your gopath:
  • export GOPATH=$HOME/workspace/gocode
I then attempted to compile the source:
  • go get github.com/google/cloud-print-connector/... 
However I was greeted with two errors:
  • error: unknown field ‘KeepAlive’ in ‘net.Dialer’
  • error: reference to undefined field or method ‘Timeout’
It turns out that the go version that apt-get installs is outdated:
  • go version xgcc (Ubuntu 4.9.3-0ubuntu4) 4.9.3 linux/amd64
  • which is not greater than or equal to version 1.5.2


  • sudo apt-get remove gcc-go

Attempt 3: The correct way

You will still need the dev packages and gopath from attempt 2:
  • sudo apt-get install build-essential libcups2-dev libavahi-client-dev git bzr
  • export GOPATH=$HOME/workspace/gocode
Additionally, we will need an updated version of go:
Now we compile again:
  • go get github.com/google/cloud-print-connector/...
The command should complete with no output.


$GOPATH/bin/gcp-connector-util init



16 October 2016

Crucial MX300 525GB SSD Review

As I realized that my laptop woes were due to a failing hard drive, it was time to upgrade to a solid state drive (SSD). At the price point that I was looking, I decided that the Crucial MX300 gave me the best bang for the buck. I got the 525GB model for $119.99.

From a user perspective, I have no complaints. Everything is snappy, the laptop boots in less than 30 seconds, and applications launch in mere seconds.

From a benchmark perspective, the random read/write speeds do leave something to be desired.

However, after installing Crucial Storage Executive and enabling Momentus Cache, the random speeds increased by a significant amount (up to 8 times).

One thing to note about the Momentus Cache is it requires a battery backup such as a laptop or UPS to ensure writes make it to the SSD.

The Crucial Storage Executive software itself could use some improvement as it is a Java Application that opens up in the browser. This feels weird for what should be a native windows app. The software also could not detect my laptop's battery but this was not an issue, just a weird quirk.

Overall, I'm happy with my choice.  It revived my dying laptop and saved me from having to buy a new one.

30 September 2016

Lenovo Yoga 700 Review

This is a review for the Lenovo Yoga 700 11.6 inch model 80QE0044US.

Just a little background, I decided to buy this over the newer 710 for several reasons:
  • Lower price: the 700 was on clearance
  • More USB ports: 2 vs 1 (later I found out that the DC power port is also a USB 2.0 port making it 3 vs 2)
  • Built-In SD Card reader
Key Specs:
  • Intel Core m3 6Y30
  • 8GB Ram
  • 128GB SSD
  • 11.6 inch touch screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Windows 10 Home

  • Ultra-Portable size
  • Boots in less than 10 seconds
  • Loads apps in seconds
  • Gorgeous Full HD IPS screen
  • SSD and fanless design makes it completely silent (0 moving parts)
  • m3 processor is power efficient allowing for hours of web browsing
  • SDXC card reader (also reads standard SD and SDHC, as well as MMC)
  • Micro-HDMI output (1.4a up to 1080p)
  • Dual Band WiFi that supports 802.11ac

Middle of the road:
  • 3 USB ports (1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, 1 USB 2.0/DC power port)
  • Touchpad buttons makes a loud click when depressed
  • Keyboard does not have a backlight for typing in dark areas
  • With not much installed the SSD only has ~40GB left, so you may wish to spend a little more and get the bigger drive
  • Relative to the size of the computer the touchpad is a good size

  • No Bluetooth
  • Short ~6ft Power Cord (about the same length as the Apple MagSafe with the AC Plug not AC Cord)
  • No divider on the touchpad to indicate where the buttons are, therefore you may think you are clicking when you are not

Other Thoughts:
  • Initially had issues with Windows Store and its apps not working, but that was fixed with the latest Windows update
  • CPU intensive tasks will take longer than the same generation i5
  • Similar model 80QE000NUS has the following upgrades for roughly an additional $75:
    • m5 6Y54
    • 256GB SSD
    • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Haven't really used in tablet or tent mode yet, will update review if necessary