11 August 2014

Ikea Dimmable LED Light Bulb Review

Ikea Dimmable LED Light Bulb Review

LEDARE - E26 - LED1207G11


Key Specs:
10 watt
600 lumens (~60 watt equivalent)
2700 kelvin
25000 hours

From Energystar.gov, here is a quick reference chart that shows approximate lumens for old incandescent light bulbs:
Old Incandescent Bulbs
ENERGY STAR Bulb Brightness
(Minimum Lumens)
40 450
60 800
75 1,100
100 1,600
150 2,600

We used 4 of them to replace 60W incandescent bulbs in a ceiling fan.

  • Despite being lower lumens, the lights actually appear brighter, in fact we normally only have to turn the dimmer half way up to get enough light!
  • Use only 10 Watts at max brightness, so we are saving over 75%
  • Price, was $10-12 when we bought them and have dropped in price to $7.49
  • They are "instant on", but I have noticed at lower dimmer settings they do take longer to come on, and it works best to turn them on fully and then dim them.
  • Hang out slightly farther in the light fixture than the bulbs they replaced
Other Thoughts:
  • Does not dim as low as the lights they replaced, but maintains a constant white (old bulbs would become redder as they dimmed)
  • Come in both frosted and clear

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