23 December 2013

Review Sony Blu Ray Player BDP-BX110

Review of Sony Blu Ray Player BDP-BX110

Here is my review of the Sony Blu Ray Player BDP-BX110. The only difference between this model and the BDP-S1100 is the inclusion of a HDMI cable. Also similiar are the BDP-BX310 and BDP-S3100 which include Wi-Fi and the BDP-BX510 and BDP-S5100 which include 3D playback.

  • I got it for $40 refurbished from Newegg (about the price of a new DVD player)
  • DVD playback is very quick to start
  • Blu Ray playback takes longer to start, but is still fairly fast
  • Internet apps include: Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and Hulu Plus (among others)
  • Amazon Instant Video works well (don't have Netflix or Hulu Plus account to try) and is easy to navigate on the TV using the remote
  • Nice looking small enclosure
  • Only the power button lights up in a non-obtrusive white 

  • Ethernet Only. I really wish I shelled out more cash for the Wi-Fi version ($78 on Amazon new)
  • Had to sign up for a Bravia account to use Amazon Instant Video - however, it easily allows you to sign up for a free account right through the Blu Ray player
  • Battery door on remote squeaks when pressing buttons for me (my wife does not have this problem)
  • Remote is not universal, but can turn on the TV and adjust the volume, it just does not allow you to scroll up and down through the channels

Other Thoughts:
  • Includes a quick start mode that increases the start up speed, but requires more power when "off" (I do not use this mode)
  • Did have to apply approximately 100MB of updates before the internet apps would work

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  1. I have this exact blu ray dvd player and my remote does the same squeak sound when anyone uses it... its like the back really isnt meant for that remote because its semi loose.