18 November 2012

Eliminating UAC prompt for individual programs

Here is how I was able to stop the annoying UAC prompt in Windows 7 everytime I started Fraps without disabling it completely.

  1. Download the Windows Compatibility Toolkit from: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=7352
    • ApplicationCompatibilityToolkitSetup.exe
    • And install it
  2. Open the Compatibility Administrator (use 32 bit for 32 bit programs and 64 for 64)
  3.  Click the Fix Button which will bring up a wizard
    • Type the name of the program (eg. Fraps)
    • Click the browse button and select the program
    • Check the RunAsInvoker box and nothing else
    • Click Next twice and then Finish
  4. Click Save
    • Type in a name for the database, I used Fraps
    • Select a location/name for the save, I used the same directory as the program and fraps.sdb
  5. Exit Windows Compatibility Toolkit
  6. Start an elevated command prompt
    • Click the start button
    • Type: cmd
    • Right click on the cmd result and select "Run as administrator"
  7. Navigate to the directory you saved the sdb file to
  8. Type: sdbinst Fraps.sdb
  9. You should see the following result:
    • Installation of Fraps complete.
  10. All done! Enjoy your starting of the program without UAC prompts!

Source: http://pcsplace.com/windows-vista/how-to-turn-off-user-account-control-for-individual-programs-in-vista/


  1. Hi Jeff
    I have completed all the steps above but it is still looking for admin password when I open Fraps.exe from programs under mine (administrator) & my son's user profile. Can you help?
    To complete steps 8 & 9 I had to move the fraps.sdb file to C:\windows\system32 because it was in C:\programs\Fraps and the cmd.exe window couldn't find it until i did that. Would that be the problem?
    really really frustrated!
    Thanks from Lisa

    1. Lisa,
      Having to move the fraps.sdb file was not likely the cause of your problem. This other blog describes similiar steps as me, but has pictures and may help.