27 October 2012

Creating/Mounting/Burning ISOs in Linux

Creating an ISO:

  1. First make sure everything using the cd/dvd drive is closed
  2. Unmount the cd/dvd drive:
    • sudo umount /dev/dvd1
  3. Create the copy:
    • readom dev=/dev/dvd1 f=disk1.iso
  4. Verify the copy:
    • md5sum /dev/dvd1
    • md5sum disk1.iso
If you are getting read errors, you can use safecopy:
  • safecopy /dev/dvd1 disk1.iso

Mounting an ISO:

  • sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 disk1.iso /mnt/iso

Burning an ISO:

  • wodim dev=/dev/cdrw -v -data disk1.iso

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